17 thoughts on “Gal Gadot Sexy (10 Photos)

  1. Aikanaro

    What a beautiful woman, maybe she doesn´t have the biggest tits or a great ass, but she has an angel on her smile hard to explain and a pair of legs that I would love to see on my shoulders

  2. Harry Boughner

    Male forehead. Male skull. Male hands which cover her entire facial height from chin to hair line. Male legs. Male feet. Male brow-ridge line. Male jaw. Male torso. Male neck. Male arm-length. MOST IMPORTANTLY…MALE HIPS!!!
    The chances of Gal Gadot being a REAL female with only SIX male characteristics is: 1 out of 15,625,000,000 females ALONE. That’s ONE female out of almost 16 BILLION females ALONE. That does not include the male population.
    If we include all 11 of the male characteristics which I’ve listed above, the odds become: 1 out of 4,882,812,500,000,000,000 (give or take a zero). That’s ONE female out of almost 5 QUINTILLION females. This number of male characteristics and probability of Gal Gadot being an ACTUAL female is pretty close to impossible when considering ONLY the FEMALE population of this Earth (about 3.5 BILLION). Especially, considering there hasn’t been that many humans (male AND female) on Earth EVER!!!

      1. Harry Boughner

        pboi – It’s called “going to college and taking Anatomy and Physiology classes.” And knowing the difference between male and female so I don’t go to a bar and wake up the next morning with a man when I went to bed with a “woman”………..again.
        Also, playing “spot the tranny” is a hobby of mine. It keeps my mind sharp and allows me to maintain the knowledge of what I learned in those classes. I’m merely putting into practice what I already know.
        Keep an eye out…over 90% of the female celebrities are actually men. I’m not doing anything special really; just pointing out the obvious. This “Gal” Gadot is just another one of “them.”

          1. Harry Boughner

            WRONG! “She” could have EASILY gotten a sex-change operation. I’d like to see “her” “show” her pussy.
            Like I said before, “The hips don’t lie.”
            If the hips are wider than the shoulders: Most likely a woman.
            If the shoulders are wider than the hips: Most likely a man.
            Gal Gadot’s shoulders are much wider than her hips.

  3. Mike

    What the fuck do they have her wearing! She is so beautiful, and those fucking assholes have her wear that! They must not like her.


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